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Precise Homes, Hato Hone St John, Melanoma New Zealand and the Houston Rockets.

At the heart of our philosophy is the belief in the transformative potential of collaboration. We specialise in connecting direct to consumer and B2B brands to create synergistic partnerships, driving co-creation, innovative strategy and growth.

Our expertise doesn't just stop at kindling partnerships; we maximise the impact of your investments. Whether it's sponsorships, joint ventures, or strategic alliances, we ensure that every partnership aligns, we help navigate engagement with the right organisations and people to ensure the partnership reaches its fullest potential, delivering unparalleled value.

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Sean Wiggans, GM Marketing, Turners Auto Retail

“I worked closely with Mike to bring Turners and Make A Wish together. We were very much feeling our way and Mike's flexible and understanding approach was perfect - especially as it took a lot longer than any us wanted thanks to a small global pandemic. Ultimately we reached a great starting point to what will be a long and mutually beneficial relationship.."

Stephen Jones, PR and Comms, Laybuy

"Mike is an absolute pleasure to work alongside. Pragmatic, professional and relationship focussed, I had the joy of working with Mike as part of a partnership between Make-A-Wish and Laybuy, in which we worked together to make a young man’s dream come true. Thanks to Mike, the partnership exceeded all expectations and he helped create an incredible experience for all involved."

Kim Conner, CEO, Canon New Zealand

"Mike is a dynamic leader with sound strategic acumen. I have been impressed with how he approaches situations to achieve and maximise any opportunity available. He has exceptional knowledge within the sponsorship and fundraising arenas and is well networked across the globe. His professionalism and ‘keeping it real’ style are both refreshing and always appreciated." 
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